Okay so im no good at this stuff, but i figuered i should properly introduce myself. My name is Alexa and i am one of the twin daughters of the Roman version of Rhea, Anesta. i really joined the wiki ages ago but i nevah went on. Oh i should probably mention that im british so i typethings the way i say them lol. I can spell i just like to spell the way i talk, lol dont ask.

I live in roman camp halfblood in california and i am one of 3 children living in the fortress which is called the sanctuary at your camp i guess. I am dating zack, the god of dragons and were really happy.

I am the founder and mastermind behind The Roman Leigon of Olympus ( we call it relow in camp). Its basically the same thing as gao but more about totally destroying our enemies rather than peace lol. Yeah so. Thats about it lol.


Love Alexa

AlexaRomanGirl 23:05, July 8, 2011 (UTC)