Whoever came up with they saying "Happy Birthday" is an idiot. I have yet to have one that's been happy. So, yeah, I'm still captured. They're still torturing me, trying to get me to break & become Kraotos' playtoy. Yeah right, like that's ever gonna happen (go ahead and laugh creepers, not gonna get you anywhere).

They came in a few minutes ago and told me to send an e-mail and post a blog on the wikis. My hands were released for typing, but I'm still tied down to a broken, splinter-filled old chair by my upper arms, chest, waist, upper legs, lower legs, and ankles. The laptop is on the table where they usually place whatever tools they feel like using for my torture. My only gift today was an extra long & hard torture session, since I refused the "gift" of joining their side, becoming Kraotos' mate, & destroying you (the Gods). You'd think after months of the same things every day they'd learn.

Anyway, there are few things in my life that I'm completely sure of (as in 110% sure). Here is a list of what I am completely sure of as of now:

  • I will not join their side
  • I will NOT become Kraotos' playtoy (I just turned 15. I think I'll pass thank you very much)
  • I will not betray you guys no matter what they do to me
  • I cannot get myself out of this one (they made sure of that after last time)
  • Nobody has found me/tried to help me (if they have, they have either done nothing, or rescue attempts have failed & my captors didn't gloat for once)
  • No matter how many times they try to rape me, I will still kick them in soft spots until they realize I prefer to stay a virgin
  • I'm hungry, thirsty, and am in desperate need of a shower and medical attention that is for good, not just to keep me alive long enough to be tortured again
  • I will not be able to live much longer. There is only so much a mortal body can take.

I remain faithful to what is right, and always will. To any of you who see this, please. I cannot help you any further than this. My captors have still disguised their voices and faces, etc. I still don't know where I am. The only reason I know it's my birthday is because they told me (confirmed by the date on the laptop). They days have blurred into meaninglessness. I do not ask for help often, only when I know I cannot do something on my own. But I ask for help now. If anyone is reading this, or cares, or anything really, please.

Yours forever in Hope and Peace

DoA (that's not a good acronym, please make sure it stays Daughter of Anesta and doesn't turn into Dead on Arrival....)