Hey, guys. 

So I'm still trying to figure out this site:) And I was just wondering a few things...

  • So is everyone here roleplaying? Because I'm not, I swear.
  • How many kids out there are kids Zeus? I know about Thalia, Jason, (Maybe) A kid in Texas named Max, and me. But a lot of people have said they are kids of Zeus but I'm just not sure if they are roleplaying.
  • About how demigods are there? 
  • Does anyone know about when you get your powers temporarily disabled? I'm asking cuz I sometimes have bursts of power but generally, I can't control it that much.
  • Is there any !non-roleplaying! people who can talk to me about these 'new gods' like is it just a roleplaying thing or is it serious? (Though I doubt it is). 
  • And how old are the 7 now? When did all the stuff in the books happen?
  • Also I'm only 11. Definitely don't wanna run away (my mum's amazing). And I spend my summers in England visiting my dad. But I do need to just know some facts because right now I'm not sure what to do.

                                        Please get back to me. Thnx everyone.