Hey Guys or the few people on here

im gonna be gone all of spring break. Ill be on a cruise in the carribean.

Now for the demigod stuff

um... yeah.. Keilis(jenny's roman half) she seperated herself from jenny because she couldnt be with me while also being apart of jenny... -_-... so shes totally mortal which... its not ending well. She got in a car accident and now shes in a coma. So now i need to design a robot body for her. I would grow her a new body but she hasent been mortal long enough to get DNA and ifwe wait too long she goes brain dead.

And what else... um... Missy has cut herself off from the demigod world totally, which really makes me sad, like really sad. So now she will barely talk to me. I cant talk to Carlisle, all i know is that hes marrying his girlfriend Isis(but i call her Issy)

If you want any more info comment before saturday morning, cuz ill be gone on my trip by then