Dangerous and effective combat tools.


Wrist blades are knives that are depenced from small boxes on top of gauntlets/greaves. The Blades can be from 8"-20" long. To help them fit into the boxes, magic is used to help compact them. On top of the boxes are a soilders basic functions pluse several extra bottons on one greave to control the blades.

The blades themselves are usually made of brightsteel with Celestial Bronze over it. The shape of the blade is unique the cutting side is staright and serirated, The other egde curves down about half way down the blade. That side also has a round gap just before the curve. This makes it both scary-looking more effectice when pierceing armor and flesh.

Some wrist blades may have two blades, others three. When a soilder has a wrist blade despencer on both arms one greave controls them both.


They are best used in close combat when you are in the enemies face. With the right training they can be used as a main weapon.

Origins Edit

Based of Predator Wrist blades.

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